Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Showcase: Blessed By Blood

Delilah Stanton, a disillusioned romance novelist, knows her life needs to change. She needs to drink less, write more and stop fooling around with men who are no good for her. When a lawyer arrives offering an inheritance - a house in a small far away town - she doesn't look back.

Mistral Cove at first glance is a quaint township set against an ocean backdrop. Scratch the surface however and you get - a ransacked house, a great aunt whose death was no accident and a town full of supernatural suspects.

Mistral Cove has a lot to offer Delilah. Peace, purpose and the prospect of a new love. But is this new life worth its price?


“Do I look okay?”
She’d gone with black pants and a long sleeved navy sweater that fit snugly around her curves. She was beginning to think perhaps she should have gone for something less formal looking.
“You look great. You look like you’re taking this seriously and they will appreciate that. If there is one thing witches hate, it’s not being taken seriously or being called nut jobs.”
“I revoke all my previous statements in reference to the latter.”
Alex smiled at her and reached for her hand. She knew he could probably feel how fast her heart was beating. Delilah was just the tiniest bit frightened. Not because they were witches, just because they were new people and she’d never been a person who made friends easy. This was denoted by the fact that she really hadn’t had any since high school. Alex led her towards a door at the rear of the building.
“We’re going in the back?”
“We can go in the front if you want, if you don’t mind choking on incense and want to get hit in the head by low hanging dream catchers.” Delilah felt herself smile.
“No, that’s alright. We can skip it.”

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