Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Dusty Pages Review: The Doll House

A young woman wakes up in a cold, dark cellar, with no idea how she got there or who her kidnapper is. So begins her terrible nightmare.
Nearby, the body of another young woman is discovered buried on a remote beach. But the dead girl was never reported missing - her estranged family having received regular texts from her over the years. Someone has been keeping her alive from beyond the grave.
For Detective Inspector Helen Grace it's chilling evidence that she's searching for a monster who is not just twisted but also clever and resourceful - a predator who's killed before.
And as Helen struggles to understand the killer's motivation, she begins to realize that she's in a desperate race against time . . .

Another Helen Grace mystery under my belt and I am still really enjoying the cast of characters and the fact that I can't guess who is committing the crimes until the police do. The authors throws out a lot of red herrings so just when you think you've worked out who it is and there motivation, it turns out not to be them because they have an alibi or were in police custody when another crime was committed. In fact there are so many of them I get a little frustrated.

I was also pleased in this book to see a certain character get their just desserts as they'd been trying to ruin Helen Grace for no reason other than their own vanity. However I do get a little irritated with the short sharp chapters and jumping from person to person. It was also odd to see the diversion from what I thought was the normal personality of the Jake character and getting him the boot. This leaves Helen Grace without any foreseeable love interest which isn't necessary I suppose in the Thriller genre but it gave her some feminine appeal to me as a woman reader, that she did like me crave more than her career.

I give it

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