Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Two Captains, One Chair

Rocking sparkly purple toenails under a pair of steel-toe boots, Suzy is a river barge captain in the Alaskan Bush. She’s a tiny gossip with big problems: her able-bodied barge boy just left her high and dry, she can’t sleep, her best friend Helly is getting all the action… and now, someone’s stolen her gold nugget.
Ed is a nice guy. He’s a bushrat with a big beard, a knack for fixing things, and a wardrobe consisting of flannel… period. He’s the only man who can help Suzy with all of her problems, but he’s also her most likely suspect. And Ed has a secret, one which Suzy will go to great lengths—even if those lengths are measured in rope—to uncover.
Enter Helly’s brothers, who rob Suzy of orgasms, harass her wildlife, and break her roof. Then, Ed’s wicked sister, who insists Suzy’s nugget is hers. Add in a whole Passion Party’s worth of tipsy women, a pet goat bent on revenge, conniving fishing guides… and Suzy’s belligerent dad, who’s got a hard-on for the law.
In the resulting madness—amongst big criminal acts, little criminal acts, and ones that are juuuust right—will Suzy have a fighting chance of finding her gold nugget? Or will she get sidetracked by the tantalizing mystery that is Ed, and in doing so, discover just how bad Ed can be?

This is the second in this series of Alaska based Rom-Com titles and I have to say that its as hot as the first. It lets the tension build till it explodes into a plethora of erotic games. This time we are following around Suzy (Helly's Best friend) as she tries to tackle the mystery of who stole her nugget as well as the Mystery of what Ed's secret could be.

I enjoyed this one a little more than the first because there was more of a power play/struggle going on than in the first and I enjoy that much more than the whole pranking business.

I also enjoyed that you still got to see the characters from the original story playing a part in this one. Helly's brothers for example are pure comic relief. I find it impossible to take them seriously as they pose no real threat to the budding romance between Suzy and Ed. Its a good sequel, not at all in the shadow of the original book and could in fact be read on its own - though if you did I am pretty sure you'd soon be dying to read the first one as well.

I give it

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