Saturday, 1 July 2017

June Sales

I recently had someone new come into my life and when I told them I was an author they got this weird look on their face. This was the conversation that followed:


"I dunno. I just always thought when someone was an author, they were sort of rich you know."

"I wish."

Main stream authors do far better than Indie authors, this is a fact of the world and its because they have large companies behind them making sure that they are a success so they can make back what ever sum they paid the author in advance for the work. Indie authors do not have this backing. Many, like me, work day jobs and pay their own over heads for their self published works - covers, editing, ads - they all take time and money. Especially for me this mean I end up paying out more than I am making in. Here are my sales from June

I made a total of eight sales. All of which were clustered around the beginning of the month and as you can see there are large gaps between sales and the end of the month they drop off completely. I've been told summer is a really bad time for sale - I imagine this is because people are out enjoying the good weather rather than reading.

A lot of author sales come after good reviews. Its why you will see a lot of Indie Authors stress that they would really like you to review their work. Also another way to get your self out there is to try a sale or give away. I've never tried using the Kindle Unlimited rescourse before because when I started self publishing it was getting a lot of bad press and honestly I still don't understand how the system works entirely but I picked a single title and decided to give it a go. I had recently re-released Triton Rising after the rights had reverted to me so decided to try an offer - to download the short ebook for free for five days. Here is what happened:

As you can see, there was a dramatic spike in downloads (all free of course so I don't make a penny) but it showed me that the book itself was interesting but for some reason the normal price of £1.99 is too high for people. Either this or people just like getting things for free. Which is great for them but not for the Indie Author. By the end of next month, I will be able to see if this effects sales of my other books and if any reviews come in from the 42 people who downloaded it for free. Its a waiting game on that one for the moment.

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