Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Affliction

Had everyone bitten tonight caught this? The other bites had not looked like vampire bites. They'd been zombie, or human looking. Was this infection something that vampires and shapeshifters could catch? If it was, then it was something new. Some zombies are raised. Others must be put down. Just ask me, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter.

Before now, I figured I could handle them. Before now, I had never heard of any of them causing human beings to perish in agony. But that's all changed. Micah's estranged father lies dying, rotting away inside from some strange ailment that has his doctor's whispering about 'zombie disease'.

I make my living from zombies - but these aren't the kind I know so well. These creatures hunt in daylight, and are as fast and strong as vampires. If they bite you, you become just like them. And round and round it goes ... Where will it stop? Even I don't know.

This next installment in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is in keeping with her record of a balance between police work and sex. In fact this book takes Anita back to dealing with Zombies which is something I haven't seen her do in a while and I enjoyed it.

There is a lot that happens in the space of this book - meeting Micah's family for the first time, the word fiancee gets thrown around a lot (including an actual proposal), the death of a character that I felt I'd hardly had time to get to know and Anita gaining a few new tricks to use against her enemies that proves she is fast becoming the one that you do not want to mess with.

There still hasn't been an appearance by Richard or Jason, in fact the werewolves seem to be seriously lacking in the books of late but as the next full length story is called Jason I am hoping that it's all about to change.
I give it

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