Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Jason

Jason Schuyler is one of Anita Blake's best friends and favorite werewolves, with benefits. J.J. is his lady love, an old flame from childhood who dances at one of the top ballet companies in New York. She's accomplished, beautiful, and she's crazy about him, too. Neither of them wants to be monogamous, so what could go wrong?

J.J. is enthusiastically bisexual, with an emphasis on the female side of things. She plans to keep sleeping with women, because Jason can't meet that need, just like she can't meet Jason's need for rough sex and bondage. J.J. doesn't understand why Jason isn't content to go elsewhere for a need she can't fulfil, so Jason asks Anita to help him explain.

This novella is pretty much all about the sex. It's good sex so you're in for a treat, especially as I finally get to see my favourite werewolf back in the picture. However I feared when I began reading it that it was in fact a fond farewell to this character. His own book to send him off. Although the story hints that his departure may be on the cards, it does not in fact confirm that. However reading the next book will tell.

Anita is forced to deal with some real issues in this short. I think if this had been included as part of another story it would have bogged it down, so its good that the author decided to do it separately. Its like a little outtake between books. Until I read the next book in the series, I can't say for sure whether or not this story is important, or whether or not it could potentially be skipped and not effect the continuity line of the following book. There may be something here that people won't feel comfortable reading, most likely if you read Anita Blake for the men.

I still give it

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