Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Two Brutes, One Barista

J.D.’s got a problem. He’s an MMA fighter who’s lost his belt, his honor, the mobility in his shoulder, and the sexist pigs he’s been mooching off of have just gone insane… but, that’s not the problem. The problem is about five foot five, with big brown eyes, and serves coffee next door. The problem talks sh*t when they play video games, and is at least an 8/10 on the Hot Crazy Matrix… but is no unicorn (the problem believes in Bigfoot). Further frustrating our hapless hero, the problem wants to run her hands allll over him, but doesn’t believe in happy endings. Follow along as J.D. tackles his problem, sees it tied to a tree, and gets busy trying to nail down a solution in a boat, and with a goat, here, there, and frankly, everywhere. The biggest barrier to J.D. licking his problem on a more permanent basis? His jackass siblings just drove him to buy a ticket home…

I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first two - mainly due to the change in set up. The first two were narrated by the women involved in the story and the first book set up the lead for the second book nicely. However with this one it's a P.O.V switcher between J.D (the more rational of Helly's brothers) and his love interest, a woman who has not appeared before so it feels like she came from no where just to be his love interest in this book.

I think if the writer had chosen to just narrate it from J.D's point of view it might have been a little better, I at least knew who he was as he'd been in the previous books and getting to find out a bit more about him was what kept me reading. It feels like the writer hadn't intended for this to be a three book series but when the first couple proved to be popular, they tried to cash in by writing a third and had to scramble to find the main romantic pairing to base it around.

If she had fully intended it to be a three book series, I don't understand why she didn't set the Barista up the way she did with Suzy for the second book. It broke what had felt like a natural progression to go from writing about Helly, to writing about her best friend Suzy. It would have been better if they had been a trio of friends from the beginning. It just felt so strange after the first two. Also by the end of the book, the other two of Helly's brothers were just getting on my nerves.

I give it

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