Monday, 7 August 2017

July Sales

Its that time again when I am going to talk about my sales. However this month there isn't an awful lot to talk about.

As you can see I had very small sales this past month, in fact August is already better than this. I've always heard rumour that Summer is absolutely the worst time of year for book sales. However try telling that to the clerk at Waterstones last week when I purchased five new books - when I really shouldn't have. I have enough books in my TBR to make my own Eiffel Tower. However I digress.

KENP reads however this month are up. I only have one title running under this particular programme and that's the revised edition of Triton Rising. I talked last month about how the free for a week promotion had got me a lot of downloads of the title - making believe that the sad truth is people seem to want something for nothing - and wonder if this is now those people reading the book they downloaded.

Of course not being entirely sure how Kindle Unlimited actually works, these could be people who have downloaded it as part of their subscription and I could potentially be seeing money from the over all fund. Don't know how much that would be, nothing shows on my royalties right now, so it is possible that I won't be seeing a penny. However I am hoping that I will soon start seeing reviews.

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