Friday, 1 September 2017

August Sales

As predicted August was better than July sales wise.

The increase in sales I thought at first might have something to do with the fact that I released the penultimate book in the Cassandra Farbanks Series - Cruel Games - on the 4th. Though when I looked at titles individually this had very little to do with it as it was other titles that had garnered these sales. There are however still large gaps where there are no sales at all. A lot of the gaping I could suppose is down to the fact that I only do moderate advertising - because that is all my budget allows for. More sales however would mean I could increase that budget and so on we go in a vicious circle.

KENP reads (this is for people who download books through their Kindle Unlimited subscription) dropped off this month quite dramatically. I enrolled the revised edition of Triton Rising as a test to see if this system is everything it's cracked up to be - so far its hard to tell. There is no way to tell whether someone who read Triton Rising for free then went on to purchase other titles - though my paid sales were up on last month, they are still pretty much on par with my average monthly sales. I certainly haven't seen a return in the form of amazon reviews and I am hoping that is down to people just not having time to leave feedback rather than an actual dislike for the story itself.

The next thing I am going to attempt is a sale as I have finally worked out how to discount one of my kindle books. I'll have the results for you at the end of next month.

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