Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Sexy Red Hood

“Go save your Grandmother.” With those words, Red Hood races off to the Emerald Forest cruise ship to rescue her grandmother - and her inheritance - from a gigolo. An emerald necklace, woodsman, wolf and a night with liquid chocolate and whipping cream all make for one memorable cruise.
A lot of the time with modern retelling of fairy tales, you have to wonder how they are going to pull it off. People don't just live in the middle of the woods or lie down in death sleeps in glass coffins anymore. With this story however I did not see a cruise ship coming. Its at sea which is the total opposite to land but check it cheeky name - Emerald Forest. So rather than off to Grandma's cottage, Red was off to grandmothers Cabin. The author also did an old switcheroo in this book that I liked but I've seen it done a lot before.

I was disappointed with the love scenes, most of which were portrayed as the dreams of the protagonist. Which was a total let down. The protagonist - nicknamed Red (though I am still a little confused at how she got that nickname but it was necessary to make this story tie back to the original fairy tale so never mind) was not the best portrayal of this fairy tail trope that I've seen but by far not the worse.

This books biggest redeeming quality was actually the grandmother and her friends - a saucy wicked group of Golden Girls who were out for a good time and a laugh.

I give it

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