Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Intimate Equations

Jules Kinsley is a new associate professor of math, and has recently bought a wonderful old house in a great neighborhood. She's sure she has it all together until she meets Sam Lopez, a handsome and brilliant landscaper who is taking her upper level math class. Sam's intensity, intelligence and humor immediately attract Jules. She soon finds that Sam not only ignites her neurons, but other parts as well. Her inhibitions melt with each encounter as she and Sam move from the classroom to the bedroom.

Sam has fallen equally as hard for his professor, but a surprise from her past may prove to be Jules' undoing. Jules has a secret, and Sam will need to face his own past if they are to mend the rift between them. Will they be able to balance the equations of love and build a future together?
 I picked this book up - mainly for the whole forbidden relationship angle - and its been sitting on my Kindle unread for several years. I had high expectations for this book but sadly they fell short - extremely, extremely short. Both parties were grown adults having sex - not even good sex, like naughty teenagers afraid of getting caught sex. Any initial sexual tension there was supposed to be fell flater than a souffle that's been shouted at by Gordan Ramsey for not rising to the occasion.

The main character was a math professor, I expected sexy slim line glasses, white blouses and inappropriate length pencil skirt but instead I got, well math. It didn't burn with any kind of passion and was full of inconstancy, especially with Jules back story. I couldn't in the end even bring myself to finish it, I put it down for a minute and just did not pick it back up again.

**Note** It is worth mentioning that the cover I got here, was not the one downloaded with my copy and when I was trying to find the back cover synopsis for this review, the book was no longer available on Amazon. I found the authors profile on goodreads in the end, the profile was scant, only three book between 2012-2013 and the publisher that supposedly put together the work, I cannot find a website for. Odd!

I give it

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