Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Undead in my Bed - Undead Sublet

 Undead Sublet
After overworked Chicago chef Tess flips out (can everyone hear that arugula talking, or is it just me?), she rents a quiet house in Half-Moon Hollow for a month of R & R. But when she finds the place occupied by a drop-dead gorgeous vampire, Tess’s tastes—for comfort food, for small Kentucky towns, and for her irresistible lover—become nearly insatiable!
I bought this collection just to read the Molly Harper story in my continuing journey through the Half Moon Hollow Series. I wish that it had been published separately as well as I've not heard of the other two authors compiled in this anthology. Knowing this story was actually a novella attached to series, I wondered if the other two were as well and am put off reading them. But let's get back to Undead Sublet.

I loved the story of Chef Tess trying to get a break only to share her holiday lease with an undead room mate going through a messy divorce. For an over stressed Chef (and aren't they always over stressed, you never seem to see a happy, can handle the work load and balance a healthy social life chef) this was the last straw that broke the camels back. Sam Leary, the vampire in question, isn't two happy about it either. As two grown adults there is only one thing to do about it...

...and so the prank war begins. It was hilarious, from Sam taking all the handles off drawers in the kitchen that only Tess uses and hammering into the early hours of the morning to the use of infamous Ghost Peppers to spike blood and greasing of basement steps. It was a really enjoyable read and sets up the back story for when this character pops up again in other Half Moon Hollow stories.

I give it

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