Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dusty Pages Review: The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire

In the next book in Molly Harper’s beloved Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, Gigi starts her first job (at Vampire Headquarters), gets over her first love, and may even fall for her first vampire!

Gigi is no longer an innocent teen. All grown up and looking for love, her family and friends worry she’ll go for the sexy, alluring vampire instead of a nice, safe human. But sexy and alluring, with a penchant for biting, could be just what Gigi wants...
 Anyone who's said that getting a job wouldn't kill someone, has never had to work for vampires. I liked Gigi's story as she tried to navigate the worlds of working for vampires, dealing with nerdy co-workers and dating a vampire that sometimes tries to kill you whilst dodging the unwanted attention of the office slacker.

It was really fun to watch Cal and Iris turn into super vampire parents when it came to Gigi dating an unsuitable boy. I can't imagine how much harder it must be trying to sneak that special boy into your room at night when your guardians have super senses. It was laugh out loud funny in a lot of places which I have come to expect from Molly Harper as I just love her sense of humour.

There was a character, who while only mildly annoying in other stories in this series, who I came to hate by the end of the book - Ophelia Lambert. Trust me if you read this book, prepare to be severely pissed off with the perpetual teenage head of the local council office.

I give it

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