Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Table for Two

Two people from different worlds come together. Isabella Violi owns a very popular up and coming restaurant in New York City. Parker Davidson is a cocky rock star. Isabella is happy with her life and her friends, running her own restaurant that is becoming extremely popular in NYC. Parker is happy living the rock star lifestyle. Neither one wants to change, especially after meeting each other. But fate has other plans and both get more than they bargained for. When their worlds collide there are sparks galore.
This is a very typical boy meets girl, where they don't like each other, then it turns out they do and he is the one that everyone has been trying to set her up with from the beginning.

I got bored very quickly with this book, mainly because the male lead was a mouthy unpleasant guy. He wasn't what I would consider charming in any aspect and came off severely like a spoiled little rich boy. The other major problem I had with this is that the only way they got together was because they were drunk. I don't care how drunk Isabella was, there is no way that she would not have recognized the guy who'd given her such a hard time only a few hours before. She recognized him soon enough after they'd slept together.

However I suppose without that, the story wouldn't have gone anywhere. This is a tale based on alcoholic memory blackouts and forgetting to practice safe sex. Although I didn't enjoy the story really, it was well written and satisfactorily edited.

I give it

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