Friday, 19 January 2018

Guest Posts

Got something to say? Then why not say it here.

Dusty Pages is looking for some writers to do Guest Posts on Fridays. They can be about anything you like, but I'd especially love posts about writing or reading.

Why post here instead of on your own blog? Simple. New viewers. Getting them is extremely hard and it helps to take a spot on another persons in order to reach new audiences.

What other benefits are there? If your a writer with a book coming out the same applies. A spot on my blog will open you up to new readers and in turn, any readers that follow you to my blog will learn about me as well. Its win win.

What's the catch? No catch. It's 100% free. I like helping out other writers and if in turn they wish to help me out further down the line, I won't say no.

Requirements: One ready made Blog post. One 3rd Person one paragraph Bio. An image - be it of you or your favourite avatar. Your social media links - we want readers to be able to track you back to where you live on the net. If you're a writer with a book - you can include a book cover and a teaser blurb.

To apply: Applicants are welcome to use the Contact me form on this blog or email me directly at

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