Monday, 5 February 2018

Meet a Writer Monday Presents...

...Tammy Macon

1. Have you ever danced in the rain?


2. What do you think Victoria’s secret is?


3. You’ve just been kidnapped and the people from the last TV Show/Movie you watched have to save you. Who is it?

Captain Jack Sparrow

4. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

The past

5. What genre do you write in and what draws you into this genre?

Romantic Suspense, with a blend of Mystery and/or the Paranormal.

6. Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages a day?

Yes, because it drives me to finishing my novel.

7. Do you let a book stew – leave it for a month and then come back to it to edit? 

Absolutely. While that book is stewing, I work on another one that has been sitting aside.

8. Have you written any other books that are not published? Do you intend to publish them? 

Yes. I will be releasing my next book Haunted Encounter 2 – What Lies Between in late spring of 2018

9. Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

My characters are defiantly my imagination.

10. Do you have a day job in addition to being a writer? If so, what do you do during the day?

A cook for Bon Appetit


A woman running from her past, and a detective who will stop at nothing to find out what it is.

Leaving everything behind, Cheyenne Moore moves from her hometown thinking it will rid a ghost of her life, but shortly after she settles into her new home, strange things begin to happen and she discovers the ghost has followed her.

After things begin to really get creepy, Cheyenne knows she must tell someone about the strange things that are happening.

When she falls for the handsome detective in the Neighborhood, she learns he doesn’t believe in ghost, and knowing he is a skeptic, can she trust him with her secret, to help unravel the mystery of her haunted encounter?

About Tammy

Tammy J. Macon was born in Sikeston, Missouri and her family moved to Alabama when she was three years old. She loves to read paranormal, suspense, and romance novels, and that’s how Haunted Encounter -A Dark Secret, was born. She is a Cook for Bon Appetit, and in her spare time, is working on her next two novels Haunted Encounter2 -What Lies Within.

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