Friday, 23 March 2018

Beginning of Spring

Spring has sprung. This week marked the official start of spring, the weather is starting to improve and soon it will be much more fun to spend time outside. Spring is one of my favourite seasons because you can still enjoy some of the delights of winter - hot chocolate, wrapping up warm - but start to see some of the joys of summer - sunshine, lighter nights and lots of flowers and trees coming into bloom.

There are lots of things I associate with spring - lambs, new life, fresh starts. Spring cleaning is another. Its the time of the year where you clear out all the clutter that accumulated over the winter (or the last year in general), sort through what you want and don't want. This can be very true in writing as well - its often the time I decide which books to take forward and which to put to one side. Its also a time when lots of new titles are hitting the shelves.

It also means that Easter is just around the corner. For some it means a time of religious significance, to me it means chocolate eggs and bunnies. Unfortunately this year it falls on April 1st. I imagine there will be several parents who well get a kick out of fooling their kids that there are no eggs this year (remember though its only allowed up till 12pm). I won't be doing Easter myself, as I won't be in the country, though I wish everyone a very happy one.

Just one last thing...

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