Friday, 30 March 2018


Reggie Lambert (Audrey Hepburn) returns home after a skiing trip to discover that her husband has died. At the funeral she finds out from CIA agent Hamilton Bartholomew (Walter Matthau) that he was involved in the theft of a quarter of a million dollars during World War Two. The charming Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) offers his help, but as the number of dead bodies increases, so do Peter's aliases, leaving Reggie uncertain as to whether or not she can trust him. The cast also includes James Coburn and George Kennedy.

Recently I've gotten into watching old films (with my mother). We were watching our way through a Cary Grant collection when I came across this film. I've only seen one other Audrey Hepburn film in the form of My Fair Lady but I was willing to give this a go, merely because it wasn't the other Hepburn - Katharine who'd annoyed the hell out of me when we'd watched Bringing up Baby the previous week.

I imagine that this movie might have been a prime gripping thriller in its day, but considering some of the things I've seen, it wasn't as thrilling but very much an enjoyable film. The chemistry between Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn was wonderful, it was full of little comic moments, and a twisting plot that although easy to unravel in the end, was enjoyable.

There was something about this movie that just made me love it, and also something about the way the movie that gave me that feeling of deja vu, though I'd never seen it before. Later we worked out, with the help of google, that the last sequence of the film is actually playing on the television during a scene in one of my favourite movies Pretty Woman. Small world.

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