Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dusty Pages Review: Vampire King

Tired of waiting around for true love, Cindy--a young girl from the Farrington Kingdom whose father died years ago, decides to take matters into her own hands.

King Caspian II organises a ball for his son and invites every eligible woman in the Kingdom, meaning Cindy's invited too.

The trouble is, her stepmother, Ida, rips Cindy’s dress to shreds and forbids her to attend the ball. Cindy trips over a drunken a woman of the night who's blessed with extraordinary magic. She transforms Cindy's tattered dress into a beautiful ball gown, a carriage from two beggars and sends her on her way.

But the Prince doesn’t catch her attention, instead it’s King Caspian himself who lures her into his bed. After a night of pure passion with the King, Cindy discovers that he isn't human at all, but a vampire, hell-bent on having her in his bed again.
The old adage that you should never judge a book by its cover has never been more true. First look at this book, it's cover is impressive so when it came up on my FB news feed, I thought it was a bargain at .99p and I was in for a really good book.


It was appalling. First I couldn't tell what era it was supposed to be set in. It started classic Cinderella world but then people talked like they were on some teen soap from the nineties. Just call me Cindy! The writing was crude, immature, trying to be sexy but failing miserably. Cinderella is a character I associate with purity, innocence, and this turned her into a vapid, stupid girl desperate to get it on with just about anyone.

There wasn't much paranormal about this book until it was almost too late. The dialogue made me want to cringe in places and the love scenes - honestly, I skipped past them they were so dull. This reads like teenage fan fiction (the really bad kind - poorly constructed and barely edited.) USA Today Bestseller? I checked, its true but only as part of a collection of other stories by multiple authors, nothing on her own.

To try to be fair though I will say some nice things about it. I did read to the end - though that had more to do with my innate inability to leave things unfinished than riveting plot - but there's that. I did also like Martha - the fairy godmother/hooker character but only because she somewhat reminded me of Nanny Ogg. My apologies for comparing the two go to the great Sir Terry Pratchett, may he rest in peace.

And I did really like the cover. The Art is exceptional.

I give it

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