Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dusty Pages Review: Knight of Wands

Paranormal Investigator Vanessa Meadows believes in every kind of magic except love. When her new boss sends her on an assignment to remote Caithness, Scotland, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to prove the Vampire of Barrogill is more than a legend. First, however, she must get inside the castle where the entity is believed to dwell.

Castle Barrogill belongs to Callum Lyon, a handsome baron and reclusive political astrologer. Their strong mutual attraction proves a boon to Vanessa’s plans, but, once inside his castle, she encounters more paranormal activity than she bargained for. There’s no vampire, but there is a blood-drinking faery knight—and a ghost who will stop at nothing to keep her there. Will freedom-loving Vanessa’s feelings for Callum, coupled with nudges from the other side, be enough to persuade her to give him a chance? Or will the dark secrets of Castle Barrogill only reinforce her unwillingness to put her faith in the power of love?

This is an interesting book, in the fact that it starts with a Tarot reading. I've not seen that in a paranormal romance before - and seeing as this is the start of a series I have to wonder if it will be a recurring theme. I liked the build up between the two main characters, how both started off believing that there romance would be just a fling, but soon beginning to doubt that it could be anything that casual. I liked Callum very much as the love interest, he was charming and naughty without being just another carbon copy of Christian Gray. Having said that I should also mention there is no BDSM in this book, in case my mentioning his name has incurred that hope in anyone reading this blog.

However, the book ends up being sort of divided into two. With the second half being more about the paranormal where as the first bit was more about the romance. I did not enjoy this divide and the second half of the book didn't feel quite as well crafted as the first half. It did give us a villain, although he was mentioned in the first half, there wasn't really much of his presence. It also left me with a lot of questions and a few loose ends that annoyed me. The further books in the series from what I can tell are supposed to be following different characters and I have to hope that if I read them that these questions will be answered.

I give it

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