Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Dusty Pages Review: One Shade of Gray

They say the hottest ones are the craziest.

I got myself into this mess. What started as a little harmless fun with the boss turns south when the man whispers another woman’s name with his face between my legs.

Things get more weird when he confesses to being Dorian Gray. THAT Dorian Gray. Immortal Bad Boy, creepy picture—which turns out to be a lot more science than science fiction.

Do I give him another shot? A man with 150 years experience might teach me a thing or two.

After all, he is the original Mr. Gray.
I pre-ordered this sometime last year and it was delivered to my kindle around about September where it has sat languishing. I need time to prepare myself for re-tellings that may potentially ruin a character I like. Ms. Corwin's interpretation of Dorian Gray is much more likeable then some of the versions I've seen and I really enjoyed reading the story.

There were elements of the relationship I didn't quite understand and the love scenes did steam up the screen just a little bit. I found myself actually more intrigue by one of the side characters though, which was not the design if it is a true stand alone. The ending was a HEA which I was expecting. There was a point where I wasn't sure how it was going to turn around to make it there and a typo or two did jar me out of the narrative a few times.

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time I've read something by Ms. Corwin and I doubt it will be the last, as there was a pretty tempting ad for another of her titles based of Twelfth Night (my favourite Shakespeare play) at the end, and will probably make it on to my TBR list in the near future.

I give it

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