Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Dusty Pages Review: The Gender Lie

"I'd want you to help me win a war..."

After discovering the shocking secret buried deep within The Green, Violet has a grave decision to make. Trust the woman who saved her, or not?

So far, everything about the woman has taken Violet by surprise. Her behavior has been honest and upfront - a refreshing change for Violet. Besides, with one of her loved ones hanging on life support, and the other close to falling completely out of reach, Violet doesn't exactly have a lot of choice.

Her only way forward is to embark on a dicey excursion. For this, she knows she needs the Liberators' help - and must be prepared to take whatever risks that comes with.

But what neither she, nor any of her new Liberator comrades can prepare for, is just how deep the lies of their homelands run...
 The third installment in the Gender Game series was a little bit less gripping than the first two. There wasn't really a lot of intrigue until the end. I understand why this book was written, there were definitely parts of it that was set up, for something that was to come later or in the next book but it made the pace of this book a little bit slower.

There was lots of threading throughout this book, creating a web for the reader to get caught in. There was a lot of talking, trying to work out who was trust worthy, what people were really up to and how this would affect the bigger picture. As with all the previous books, this ends with a distinct cliff hanger, making you want to read the next installment. Its a very clever style of writing, even after the slow pace of this book, you're dying to read what happens next, especially hoping that the furor of the first books will return.

I give it

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