Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Dusty Pages Review: The Gender Secret

Gliding over the treacherous Green in a shaky aircraft that she has no idea how to land, Violet Bates is still in shock. The harrowing events of the previous night play over in her mind as she asks herself question after question.

Why did Lee Desmond Bertrand behave the way he did?

What is the truth about the mysterious silver egg stowed beneath her seat?

What happened to Viggo and where is her brother? Is either of them still alive?

When Violet manages to reach the toxic ground alive, she has landed in a world of unimaginable danger. She has barely time to catch her breath before she is sucked into a perilous journey at breakneck speed - to uncover secrets guarded for centuries and find the only two people that matter.

The second installment of the Gender Game series is just as good as the first, drawing you deeper into the story of espionage and warring factions between the two gender based kingdoms. In this installment we get to meet a new group of players, a third faction out to undermine the others but is all what it seems.

The relationship between Violet and Viggo is tense but ultimately ends up stronger than before, once he gets over the initial idea that she betrayed him horribly and is nothing but a criminal. They are good together and form a bond that has a very timeless quality about it. I imagine through the rest of the series, this bond will be something that gets them through. I also find it adorable that they are keeping score over who has rescued who the most times.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and hope that it doesn't lose its focus. That each installment grips me as much as the previous one.

I give it

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