Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Dusty Pages Review: At Any Price

When Mia Strong, popular gaming blogger, auctions off her virginity online, she knows she'll make waves. But what she will not be making is a love connection. Her rules are set in stone: One night. No further contact.

It's a desperate step, but it's the only way she can go to medical school and pay her mother's mounting hospital bills.

Adam Drake, the enigmatic auction winner, is a software prodigy who made his first millions at seventeen. Now, in his mid-twenties, he's sexy, driven and--as CEO of his own gaming company--he's used to making the rules. Before Mia knows what's happening, he's found the loophole in the rules of her auction. Every stipulation she's made to protect her heart gets tossed by the wayside.

She can't tell if he's playing her...or if he's playing for keeps.
I can't say that I didn't enjoy this book, but unfortunately the plot was a little bit predictable. Its clear from almost the first time its mentioned who Adam Drake really is and what his interest in Mia is. However the interactions between the couple in the meantime are well written and have a nice dry whit to them that I enjoyed. The sex element in this book, although a little late to the party, was well thoughts out and brilliantly handled. I've read so many books where the build up is long and the sex pathetic, that this was a nice change.

Adam struck me as a character that, like a lot of people with higher intelligence, have trouble expressing or engaging with other peoples emotions. Mia was sort of the opposite in the fact that she was immature in a lot of ways - not just because she thought selling her virginity was a good idea - but emotionally, as she hadn't been in a relationship since the traumatic end of her only teenage one.

At Any Price is supposed to be the first of four books featuring the couple of Adam and Mia, though some other characters HEA's are thrown in inbetween. However, with the way in which the book ended, I didn't feel a compelling desire to read that next part. It seemed very satisfactory to me for it to end where it did. If book one had ended with her returning home to her mothers then I might have been compelled into purchasing a sequel.

I give it

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