Friday, 22 June 2018

Science Vs Sci-Fi

I'm a huge fan of Sci-fi. I grew up with some great shows, seeing things that as an adult are slowly becoming available on the market. Look at the iPad and Kindle - once only the things of Star Trek. But along with the really cool developments, are some that I don't know how to feel about, or worse dislike all together.

One of these is cloning.

I won't be spouting some religious ideology here - against God, against Nature like that because well, if there is a supreme being that created us I would imagine how proud he'd be at the advancements we've made in such a short time. I've even explored cloning in some of my own fiction (The Cera Raine Series) as its a very interesting topic but it also strikes me as a very controversial one. Should scientists be able to create a human being in a lab? And if so, for what purpose?

Its been imagine hundreds of times in fiction - a warrior class, expendable soldiers, a slave work force, immortality (via consciousness transplant), using them for spare parts etc, but thankfully its just fiction. Right?

Not so. Chinese scientists have managed to clone two Macaque primates. We all remember Dolly the sheep, well the same science has been used here. This could be revolutionary. I mean think about all the animal species that are in danger of extinction. Cloning could remedy that. I've also seen it said that there is the possibility that in five years time, they could have the technology to revive extinct species - ie dinosaurs. Cool, right?

No! There are literally four movies (with a fifth due out next month) about why this is not a good idea. Science cannot be trusted with these powers. This is proven by the Macaque cloning because their plans for these little miracles - test subjects in research on Alzheimer's and other brain diseases. I have always been against animal testing. Does the fact that these primates are clones make it any less cruel? Aren't they subject to animal right acts as much as any naturally born primate?

I shudder to imagine what would happen with a human clone. We don't currently live in a society where human rights/equal rights are applied globally without question. Can you imagine the hell that would be unleashed if you added in a lab grown individual?

Somethings, I think, are just better left in Sci-fi.

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