Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dusty Pages Review: Werebear's Nanny

After a disastrous marriage, Cynthia has accepted that she’ll never have her prince charming. Her chance at a fresh start arrives when she gets a job as a nanny on a mysterious island.

But when she sees her new boss, with his sculpted abs, tanned skin and that deep V that disappears into his low-slung jeans, she knows that she’s in for trouble…

Tyrell is most definitely not looking for a mate. He’s more than happy working at his ranch and taking care of his daughter. Relationships only bring trouble.

But he’s in for the fight of his life when Cynthia unexpectedly shows up on his doorstep. Her smile knocks the wind out of him. She’s the forbidden fruit he longs to taste.

There is one small problem. Cynthia has never heard of shifters.

She doesn’t know that she’s landed on an island full of bears.

That not everybody wants humans here…

And that she’s in danger…
Picked this little beauty up for .99p and really enjoyed it. About half way through I realized it was actually a second book set on this fictional island of were-bears but its almost completely autonomous. You can read it without having to have read the first one which is something I liked and also I find rather rare in the paranormal series game.

The characters had a great depth to them and although I knew that the two main characters were destined to hook up, the way it happened seemed a little, sudden. Both of their inner monologues had been very much against the idea of crossing that line and then suddenly one night they just cross it, no thinking about it much after. Once you get over that hurdle though, the rest of the story is pretty good, plenty of action and conflict. I've not read a book focused on were-bears before and it was a nice change from your usual werewolf shifters.

After finishing reading this, I did look up the previous book which focuses on the four were-bear alpha's and their own human mate. I'm not too keen on back tracking to read this because of the five people in a relationship thing. Personally I like a fight between two, or a sharing between two but more than that, its just gets a bit, well, complicated. Part of the reason I started to move away from the Anita Blake Series was because of all the different boyfriends. It was just too hard to keep track.

The book after this focuses on a character that I am not sure I want to know more about after his appalling behavior in this book.

Over all, I give it

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