Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dusty Pages Reviews: The Gender End

The breathtaking, earth-shattering GRAND FINALE of the bestselling Gender Game series.

Return to Matrus and Patrus one last time...
The final book in the series is what I would call a Tears before bedtime book. It's gonna make you cry before it gives you the happy ending that will allow you to sleep at night. If you've been reading these books from the very beginning and have become full invested in the characters and their world, then you will understand what I mean.

As the final book in the series it balances the talking with the action very well and has a very clear end to it. However, that said, there is a bit of bait thrown into this book. Its a connection to another seven book series written by the author set in the same universe as the first but digging deeper into an encounter the characters have with another civilization in this book. It a very clever ploy of the author whether she did it deliberately knowing she was going to be writing about that culture or whether the idea that their story was one that needed to be told too, evolved after she had included them in this final novel. Personally I think it was deliberate as there was just a little bit too much detail.

Where as I enjoyed the series overall, with the quick quick slow of her writing style, I'm not sure I'm ready to invest myself into another seven books series - although it is tempting to learn more about these new characters. I am satisfied with the ending that whether or not I chose to read more by her I will be haunted by anything left unfinished.

I give it

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